Apr 192013

You took fundamentalist rhetoric at face value, whereas we in Israel know that all this rhetoric is empty and in fact these people simply want peace. Sure, Moslem fundamentalists praise Hitler and celebrate atrocities, including

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Jan 212013

Part One… Why is that that it's only the leftists I know – not to mention those I've read about – who are shocked, stunned and deeply disappointed in the fact their taxes just went up? I mean, seriously, how could this be? Right?

Link: Obama Lied, Congressman Scott Perry's Disaster (A 2-fer)! | Global …

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Nov 122012

OBAMA makes Bare Face LIES of US killing Osama Bin Laden, to hid and distract his 9th District Court of Appeals Court date in Pasadena, Ca. May 2, 20011 at 125 S. Grand Av., in Calif. Where is right to BE PRESIDENT is on appeal, because it NEVER had a TRIAL by Federal JURY as 9th Dist. Federal Judge David O. CARTER promised in Sept. 2009. Claims with NO PROOF, of killing Bin Laden, are ludicris at best. With his right to be President on the LINE, he will do anything, the New World Order tells him to do or say. He was reading this speech off a teleprompter the whole time. Why NOT let us all see the body. If it is that important. then let independant pathologist examine and determine if it is REALLY Osama Bin Laden, who long ago denied anything to do with the 911, and furthermore, 911 Fact checkers have proved, see Architects and Engineers for 911 TRUTH, that all three buildings, Twin towers and 7WTC were Taken down by demolition charges, not airplanes. Interesting that May 1, is interNational Communist day, and the day the Illuminatii were instigated. If Obama cares about the innocent, why did he suppport late term abortions on demand, and killing babies born alive.


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Nov 122012

As I have said more than once, this is the most important election of my lifetime coming up tomorrow. There really isn't much I can rehash or say as to the complete failure that is Barak Hussein Obama! It is in fact an open

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Sep 112012

The Washington Post's fact check on President Obama's vote on Illinois's Born-Alive Protection Act ignores its own facts to come out with an.

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Sep 112012

The Washington Post 's fact check on President Obama's vote on Illinois's Born-Alive Protection Act ignores its own facts to come out with an anti-Republican takeaway. To see why, we first have to take a look at the facts

Follow this link: WaPo Fact Check Rates Obama's Abortion Votes Based on Opinion …


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Sep 112012

It looks like Mitt Romney wouldnt completely repeal Obamacare the way those on the far right have been demanding. In fact, a recent report indicates…

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Aug 292012

This is what the Woman in this country want to support along with Barrack Obama that claims he is for womans rights but only if they help him get elected. Moose. Does the fact that Clinton lies surprise you? He lied to the

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Aug 292012

According to the book, the SEALs on the mission were not fans of Obama and knew that he would take credit for the mission. In fact after the mission one said that they had just gotten Obama re-elected by carrying out the raid.

Originally posted here: "The Lid": Navy Seal Account: Obama LIED About Bin Laden Mission