Nov 282013

For years, Obamacare supporters weathered at best tepid support for the President's reform in the expectation that once people experienced the actual law, rather than the right-wing fever dream, opinions would change.

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Nov 122012

Staff Sgt. Daryn Moran, who has served nine years in the Air Force, drew the attention of the birther movement when he shared his views on Obama’s citizenship on websites of groups that believe Obama was not born in the US and therefore is not eligible to serve as president or commander in chief. Obama released what is a suspicious copy of his birth certificate, as many professionals experienced in Adobe products have detailed in length that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake. Remember LCol Terence Lakin was Court Martialed, served time in prison, discharged, loss of benefits, for also questioning Barack Obama’s eligibility.

See original here: Sergeant Who Doubts Obama’s Citizenship Discharged.mpg


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