Nov 232013

How Obamacare could expand abortion U.S. President Barack Obama takes the stage to deliver remarks on the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, at an Organizing for Action grassroots supporter event in?

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Nov 122012

At a campaign event in Beaverton, OR, Obama claimed to have visited 57 US states during the campaign.

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Nov 122012

Noel Sheppard's picture. For the second time in two months, Barack Obama made a joke about his birth certificate. At a campaign event in Nashua, New Hampshire, Saturday, the President used the issue to bash Mitt Romney

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Aug 292012

President Obama's reelection campaign is fundraising off a birth certificate joke by Mitt Romney. The Friday fundraising email came a few hours after Romney, during a campaign event in Michigan, made a joke alluding to a

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May 282012

As FreedomWorks continues its efforts to stop Obamacare with a live blog event, some evidence is coming in that shows just how important the issue was to voters in the recent primary upset wins for Richard Mourdock & Deb

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May 282012

FreedomWorks hosted a live blog event, “How to Stop ObamaCare at the State Level” on Tuesday, May 22. This post summarizes the hour-long session, and we will have other posts detailing the various topics. Activists

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Feb 282012

A US intelligence official has told the Associated Press that Israeli officials have told the Obama administration that Israel will not give any advance warning to the United States in the event that Israel decides to attack Iran.

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