Apr 192013

President Barack Obama believes that if he were president 25 years ago, his economic policies would make him a moderate Republican. During an interview with …


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Jan 212013

www.youtube.com World News 2013 Subscribe for Latest World News Headline Updates Approximately four years ago, President Obama was sworn into office and since that time Republicans have alleged that the Commander-in-Chief is an enemy of business. Many CEO’s have publicly called the President a socialist and claimed his policies are dangerous to the economy, but under Obama’s watch corporate profits have soared 171 percent after taxes. Anthony Randazzo, director of economic research for the Reason Foundation, and RT America producer Justine Underhill sound off on topic. RT America LIVE rt.com Subscribe to RT America! www.youtube.com Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter twitter.com


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Jan 212013

President Obama continues to not tell the truth about Mitt Romney’s economic plan even though news outlets and even the Obama campaign say that the claim is not true. President Obama’s economic plan is a $4000 tax increase on the middle class and is one more reason we can’t afford four more years of his failed policies.


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Nov 122012

Certainly, this is a horrible situation. But just as demographics have changed America, so they are changing Israel. Rising anti-Semitism and economic decline in Europe have dramatically increased immigration rates to Israel

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