Aug 162013

Rand Paul joins Sean Hannity live in studio to discuss new details in the continuing IRS scandal, amending the constitution, defunding Obamacare and whether …

See the rest here: Rand Paul: Defunding Obamacare Is The Only Method To Stop It At This Time


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Aug 152013

Today on the FreedomCast, Dean Clancy joins me to discuss the debate between defunding and delaying ObamaCare, the latest delay in the health care law that leaves consumers to pick up an even bigger tab and how the?

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Apr 192013

This week, when Air Force One lands in Tel Aviv, the newly reelected American president and the Israeli prime minister with a new government will turn the page on a new chapter in their relationship. And they will discuss

See original here: What <b>Obama</b> Must Do in <b>Israel</b> – By Samuel R. Berger | Foreign Policy

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Apr 192013

Just some good old political fun. Two politicians talking about America. Obama and Biden have a beer and discuss political matters. Thanks for watching and P…

Originally posted here: Obama Will Take Away Your GUNS Socialist Dictator

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Jan 212013

Sheriff Joe Arpaio appeared on the Mike Broomhead show today to discuss the results of an investigation he had conducted into President Obama's alleged birth certificate, including a trip to Hawaii to try to gain access to the

See the original post here: 'This Is Not a Legitimate Birth Certificate': Sheriff Joe Arpaio Claims …


Jan 212013

Fox News brought on their “Doctors Panel” to discuss what the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare means for their trade. Cenk Uygur, Michael Shure and Richard Eskow discuss how insane the doctors reaction was. Tell us what you think about Obamacare in the comment section below. Follow Cenk on Twitter: Follow Richard on Twitter: Follow Michael on Twitter: Support The Young Turks by Subscribing Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here:

More: Fox Doctors Panel Reacts to Obamacare


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Nov 122012

GOP presidential nominee, President Obama discuss how to solve the immigration issue. For more:

Read this article: Second Presidential Debate 2012: Romney: Military Service Qualifies for Citizenship


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Nov 122012

1)’I am the underdog’ 1:48 Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards discusses his performance at the South Carolina debate. 2)Edwards: McCain likely nominee 2:26 John Edwards talks about how to compete against who he thinks would be the GOP’s likely presidential nominee. 3)Obama and Clinton discuss race 2:56 Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have a conversation about race issues 4)Democrats debate credit card bill 3:31 Democratic presidential candidates discuss their stances on a bill limiting credit card rates.

Read more here: Debate:In-SC-(D)-Clinton-Obama-Edwards-(2/3)-Jan.21,2008


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May 152012

President Barack Obama reportedly held an off-the-record foreign policy meeting with nine editors and columnists to discuss Afghanistan, Israel, NATO and the G8 Summit at Camp David. Many of the participants are widely

Original post: Obama Seeks Foreign Policy Advice from Israel's Critics | New …

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