Nov 232013

Alex continues to seek the truth behind the Benghazi debacle that left four Americans dead in Libya Sept 11, 2012, which the White House falsely claimed was …

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Nov 232013

The reviews are in, and Obamacare is a disaster. No, it is worse than that. Obamacare is a debacle, a shambles, a wreck, a fiasco, a flop, a failure and a farce. To the media, Obamacare is such a catastrophe that mere words?

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Feb 282012

Obamacare is a debacle. It vests tremendous, unprecedented power into the hands of the executive branch through bureaucratic mandates–such as the anti-Catholic and autocratic free birth control and nearly everything else

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Oct 152010

The Guardian

Ahmadinejad Visits Lebanon, Blasts Jewish
Obama News and Resources
While there, President Ahmadinejad spoke highly of the Lebanese state and spoke negatively of Israel. While there, he called for the eradication of the ...
Ahmadinejad At The Lebanese-Israeli Border—Another Obama DebacleNew Republic (blog)

Ahmadinejad's defiance could increase chances of warBBC News (blog)
Ahmadinejad at Israel's border with LebanonIndian Express
New York Post -Council on Foreign Relations -Jerusalem Post
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Oct 142010

The Guardian

Ahmadinejad At The Lebanese-Israeli Border—Another Obama Debacle
New Republic (blog)
Israel may be forced to deal directly with Iran itself. Ok. That's it. Mr. Peretz is writing like a hack. Lets just save some ink and time. If Obama does ...
Ahmadinejad Visits Lebanon, Blasts JewishObama News and Resources

The CornerNational Review Online
Ahmadinejad at Israel's border with LebanonIndian Express
BBC News (blog) -Huffington Post -Daily Star - Lebanon
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