Nov 282013

Price To Pay For Obamacare California Family Cutting Extras To Afford Extra Cost – The Kelly File.

Originally posted here: Price To Pay For Obamacare California Family Cutting Extras To Afford Extra Cost – The Kelly File


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Nov 252013

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Nov 232013

Even if worked better, for many young, first-time insurance buyers trying to pick the most cost-effective plan can involve a steep learning curve.

Here is the original post: Biggest Obamacare hurdle: Picking a health plan –


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Sep 042013

A computer system called the Medicaid management information system in Illinois needs to be modernized to handle the millions of individual medical cases that will result from Obamacare. The cost to do this is an estimated?

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Nov 122012

There is one curious beneficiary of the September 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi that cost four American lives: Egypt's new Muslim Brotherhood government. The attack in Libya and subsequent controversy has

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Aug 292012

This semester, Cornell released its most comprehensive student health insurance plan yet –– a policy that will expand coverage while raising the cost of insurance, according to officials from Gannett Health Services.

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May 282012

Throughout the debate over ObamaCare, proponents of the bill touted over and over again a provision they claimed would help millions of small businesses, by providing a tax credit to offset the cost of insuring their

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Mar 072012

Obamacare guaranteed and encouraged free sex change operations and sterilizations for every American citizen. Due to the unforeseen cost, however, these services will no longer be offered. Instead, every citizen (and

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Mar 052012

Obama lied about death panels, jobs and taxes. He lied when he said you could keep your own doctor. He is now doubling and tripling the cost of health care for the military—to force them into HIS death panel ObamaCare.

See the original post: Real U.S. Inflation Rate=8%—Obama Says “only” 3%

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