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Barack Obama recently appears on the View and discusses race, in the week before the Chelsea Clinton Wedding Astor House in Rhinebeck NY, if my memory serves me correctly he has a rather odd outlook concerning this issue. tags Barack Obama View Clinton Wedding Rhinebeck NY Astor Race Abortion Racism Wright Racist NAACP Joy Barbara Whoopi Black Panthers Bernardine Dohrn Acorn Healthcare Reform Financial Reform 57 States Terrorist Terrorism Failure Military wikileaks julian asange manning gm socialism communism war nuclear iran bernanke tax geitner geithner tim ben jefferson adams tea party democrats republicans runaway slave typical white person

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Jul 172012

After hearing this same line over and over again about how Obama is a “Socialist” or “Communist” or (somehow) “A Nazi” from Glenn Beck and his obedient worshipers, I finally had had enough and made this video to set the record straight. Now I’ll admit this isn’t a perfect analysis and I forgot a lot of points. For instance this doesn’t mean I’m against expanded public programs like universal higher education and Single-Payer healthcare as reforms to fight for in the short term, it just means that they’re not Socialism. Also the point that part of the fundamental definitions of Socialism is that it is a classless society. But I tried my best. Also sorry about my lisp.

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May 282012

In the Communist Manifesto, Marx several times wrote openly of the “abolition of the family” and of communism abolishing “eternal truths” and “all religion, and all morality.” “The communist revolution is the most radical rupture

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May 152012

I posted this clip to help promote the informative documentary film “I WANT YOUR MONEY” Buy the full documentary at If you like this short clip, you will love the full length documentary. It features great in-depth interviews with economic experts and knowledgeable political figures including Mike Huckabee Stephen Moore Michael Reagan William Voegeli Star Parker Kenneth Blackwell Edwin Meese lll Thad McCotter Newt Gingrich Lee Edwards Pete Wilson Steve Forbes Gary Bauer Kate Obenshain Chris Edwards David M. McIntosh Lila Rose John Stossel Allen Icet Rob Schaaf John Stossel Tom McClintock Andrew Breitbart George Runner Alison Fraser

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Feb 222012

There is a big secret in Politics and Washington DC depends upon Americans remaining ignorant on this issue. What is the secret? Let me start by informing you that the Democrats are NOT the only socialist in Washington DC! In fact, with a little research you’ll learn that socialism has a left wing and a right wing! Sound familiar? It should! You see Socialism on the left is known as communism, where the state takes from those that have and gives to those that need so that everything is nice and fair. No one owns private property, and no one owns the fruit of their labor. They are only allowed to keep a portion of it and what portion is decided by the government. Socialism on the right is known as fascism and it is where the state takes from everyone to benefit the needs of the state….You know, for wars, bigger government etc…No one owns private property and no one owns the fruit of their labor. They are only allowed to keep a portion of it and what portion is decided by the government. Sounding MORE familiar? It SHOULD! Now we all know that their are no true communist countries on Earth, never have been and never will be. The reason is that the moment the “State” steps in to forcibly shuffle the wealth around, or even worse, starts killing people to make them go along with it, you then automatically have a fascist state. We all know that their have been fascist countries, Mussolini’s Italy, and Hitler’s Germany were two examples, and in fact, it was Mussolini that

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Jim, I lost my temper because I think Obama wants to build a new form of socialism

or communism. The latter failed and the former of Western Europe couldn’t compete with us until they began out-sourcing around 1980 and union demands became outlandish and when

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Obama lied to the Illinois Court system when… ,

This dalliance with Communism is also Obama’s…:

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Obama supporters flew the Soviet Flag in DC when protesting:

Obama plainly stated that he will allow a company to build a coal plant