Nov 232013

(LIFENEWS.COM) Longtime pro-abortion activist Gloria Steinem today received the highest honor the Untied States can bestow upon a citizen who is not a member of the U.S. military. Obama today awarded sixteen recipients?

Read the rest here: Obama awards Medal of Freedom to Gloria Steinem


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Jan 212013

Taitz vehemently opposes this theory because it would invalidate her movement to prove Obama is of foreign birth. Since Davis was a US citizen, Obama's birth certificate would not be as big of an issue, but rather a

The rest is here: Orly Taitz, AIPAC Zionist Agendas & Obama's Real Birth Certificate …


Nov 122012

Many just are ignorant of the us Constitution and other laws governing what is and is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN Here are the legal facts that need to be considered and addressed

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Nov 122012

Melania and Donald Trump hosted a birthday party/ fundraiser for Ann Romney, and some of the attendees, who paid $1000 each for entrance, questioned whether President Obama was truly a US citizen. (New York City, April 17, 2012) Reported by HuffPost’s Adam Goldberg (@ajgoldberg) Video Produced by HuffPost’s Hunter Stuart (@hoont)

See original here: Obama Citizenship Questioned At Romney Event


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Nov 122012

This recording is of an actual phone call made by a GOP volunteer to a senior citizen in Florida… This clip from the Majority Report, live MF at 12 noon EST and via daily podcast at Majority.FM

Continue reading here: GOP Caller to Seniors: "Obama a Socialist Muslim, Will Get Rid of Your Medicare!"

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May 152012

This video telling about something than we don't really approve may the president of US (USA) hi is not legit a america citizen take a look and make your own…

Visit link: Barack Obama birth certificate – YouTube


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Apr 112012

Who is Barack Obama? Where was he born, in the United States, or in Kenya? Where is the hard copy of his birth certificate? Did he hold an Indonesian passport? Does he qualify as a Natural Born Citizen? Does he qualify to

Follow this link: OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Obama's Forgery and Fraud Have …


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Apr 112012

Despite the fact that all evidence points to President Obama being a U.S.-born citizen (including his birth certificate, which shows he was born in Hawaii), there are still some Republicans who doubt he is an American.

Read the original post: GOP Lawmaker Doubts Obama's Birth Certificate Is Real – Truthdig


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Mar 072012

Obamacare guaranteed and encouraged free sex change operations and sterilizations for every American citizen. Due to the unforeseen cost, however, these services will no longer be offered. Instead, every citizen (and

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Feb 282012

Obama was inducted into the Muslim faith when he was adopted by his mother's second husband, Lolo Soetoro, made a citizen of Indonesia named Barry Soetoro, and registered in Indonesian public school as a Muslim

Original post: Media Natters, Rubio's Mormonism, and Obama's “Muslim Faith …

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