Sep 062013

Just in case there was any question at all that the Republican House Energy and Commerce Committee is engaging in sabotage and bullying in investigating a key component of Obamacare's launch, let it end now.

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Sep 042013

Like many progressives I was deeply disappointed we did not get universal healthcare. But after diving into the basic elements of the Affordable Care Act soon to become law on Jan 1, 2014, I believe the case can be made?

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Jan 212013

The case titled Noonan, Judd, MacLeran, Taitz v Bowen provides a mountain of evidence of Barack Obama using a last name not legally his, forged Selective Service application, forged long form and short form birth certificate

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Nov 122012

Special thanks to and courtesy of illuminatitv for permission to post. ATTENTION: “I Invented the Internet” Episodes 1-5 are now available on one DVD for $9.99. Help us expose Obama! Show it to your church, at a local theater, or anywhere else you know people will gather. From: illuminatitv Obama’s Citizenship: I Invented The Internet (Ep. 6: October Surprise) NOTE: We only had 36 hours to produce this video, so it doesn’t have the usual Illuminati polish. However, it reveals the single greatest threat to Obama’s campaign. In “October Surprise”, Molotov Mitchell interviews the plaintiff in a stunning federal case against Barack Obama. The case is nothing short of electrifying, but the mainstream media is doing its best to keep Americans in the dark. Let’s get the word out! Pass this video on to everyone you know. If Obama’s innocent, then why isn’t he cooperating with the court? This episode is brought to you by:

Continue reading here: Obama Is Not A Natural Born US Citizen And Is Ineligible For The Presidency / Video


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Nov 122012

Bill O”Reilly defines in very clear terms EXACTLY what has happened in regards to the SCOTUS ruling on “Obamacare” and the ‘contempt of court’ vote for Attorney General Eric Holder in the “Fast and Furious” case. Which direction do the American people want to go in the future of our country?

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Aug 292012 Listen to this telephone call recording! Pete Santilli RIPS into a so-called CBS journalist who intentionally ignores facts about Obama fraud investigation, and then refuses to acknowledge that he intentionally withheld important information regarding the case from the public. To listen to the full episode, please go here



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Aug 292012

Daniel Noe: The Obama Birth Certificate Investigation, Exploded. Learn more about Arizona, Barack Obama, Cold Case Posse, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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Jul 172012

The GLOBE is reporting in their ink and paper magazine that Arpaio's cold case posse has tracked down the person who forged Barack Obama's birth certificate. Now the posse's lead investigator Mike Zullo tells Globe in a

More here: The Truth: Man Who Forged Obama's Birth Certificate


Alan Carlson

Jul 172012 | Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse are set to unleash “shocking” revelations about Barack Obama's birth certi…

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