Nov 232013

Jay Leno and George Bush yuck it up over Obamacare on The Tonight Show.

See the article here: Jay Leno and George Bush Get a Good Laugh About Obamacare


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Jan 212013

Likud might get some traction by highlighting Obama's disapproval. Israelis are well aware that in the recent past American presidents have tried to intervene in their elections with mixed results. George H.W. Bush helped sink

The rest is here: Obama Can't Get Even With Netanyahu « Commentary Magazine

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Jan 212013

Did you notice that in the standoff over the fiscal cliff, all the discussion was about the Bush tax cuts? Which ones would be made permanent? And for whom?

Read more from the original source: ObamaCare's Fiscal Cliff | John Goodman's Health Policy Blog …


Nov 122012

Speech given in Bristol, Virginia This is an amazing video of Barack giving a speech when his teleprompter goes on the blink — he is unable to form acoherent sentence; struggling to think of something to say as he repeatedly sneaks peeks at the teleprompter screen locations hoping that his script has reappeared. And they talk about George Bush….. HA! This is real funny, to watch the Obamassiah trying to think of something to say all on his very own, and failing miserably. No wonder he is dodging any sort of free-form debate with McCain. That’s the Real Man many want to vote for a Change… Great speaker when he can read what someone else is writing………

Here is the original post: Obama, a complete idiot.



Sep 112012

In a conveniently scheduled Sunday evening telecast, Obama shamelessly wielded tired lies and 9/11 propaganda, while congratulating himself and the CIA. In classic lying George W. Bush fashion, Obama announced

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May 282012

Dennis Ross worked for Obama for several years on Middle East peace. And before that he worked for Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush too. But he was always accused of bias toward Israel. Aaron David Miller called him

See the article here: Israeli consulate sponsors Obama's former Middle East peace …

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May 282012

Bush and Obama: Together at last. We need to get into the mood for this one first, so let's go to the videotape. Barry Rubin reports that former President Bush and (hopefully soon-to-be-former) President Obama are together at

See the original post here: Israel Matzav: Bush and Obama: Together at last

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May 152012

I posted this clip to help promote the informative documentary film “I WANT YOUR MONEY” Buy the full documentary at If you like this short clip, you will love the full length documentary. It features great in-depth interviews with economic experts and knowledgeable political figures including Mike Huckabee Stephen Moore Michael Reagan William Voegeli Star Parker Kenneth Blackwell Edwin Meese lll Thad McCotter Newt Gingrich Lee Edwards Pete Wilson Steve Forbes Gary Bauer Kate Obenshain Chris Edwards David M. McIntosh Lila Rose John Stossel Allen Icet Rob Schaaf John Stossel Tom McClintock Andrew Breitbart George Runner Alison Fraser

Go here to read the rest: Reagan Vs. Obama – Social Economics 101

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Feb 282012

obama lied bout weed! he promised he wouldnt waste money shutting down dispensaries and that he would leave it to the states. well hes already shut down more than bush did. Posted by LFTP at 8:32 PM. Labels: Marijuana

Original post: Live From The Plantation: obama lied bout weed!

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