Jan 052011

Boston Globe

Gazans Are No Fools
Huffington Post (blog)
The continued presence of the literal and figurative ruins of Israel's brutal military onslaught on Gaza exactly two years ago this past Dec. ...
On the edge of the cliffMidEastYouth.com

Gaza, Then and NowHuffington Post (blog)

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Dec 282010

Boston Globe

Seven Who Made A Difference In 2010
The Jewish Week
These words and phrases recall some of the challenges and controversies that cropped up for Israel and the Jewish community in 2010, a year of increasing ...
'J Street' backs Obama with moderate strategyAl-Arabiya

Palestine: recognising the stateAljazeera.net
The Threat to Israeli DemocracyArutz Sheva
Winnipeg Free Press -Ynetnews -Project Syndicate
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Dec 232010


Pollard as a bridge over troubled diplomatic water?
Jerusalem Post
After Obama's first two rather rocky years with Israel, releasing Pollard would be a huge push on the reset button in his relations with American Jews. ...
No special deals for PollardBoston Globe

Israel Plans Public Appeal to Ask US to Free a SpyNew York Times
Why Is Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Back in the News?Salem-News.Com
Huffington Post -Los Angeles Times -Ha'aretz
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Dec 232010


No special deals for Pollard
Boston Globe
Obama should remind Netanyahu that Israel is responsible for Pollard's fate. In 1984, Pollard was an unsolicited walk-in who believed the United States was ...
Pollard as a bridge over troubled diplomatic water?Jerusalem Post

Israel Plans Public Appeal to Ask US to Free a SpyNew York Times
Netanyahu to formally call for release of Israeli spy Jonathan PollardHa'aretz
Huffington Post -Los Angeles Times -Salem-News.Com
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Dec 172010

Boston Globe

Obama pressing for Palestinian state; envoy seeks Israel's security conditions
World Tribune
The administration of President Barack Obama has sent a White House envoy to Israel to discuss its security requirements for an independent Palestinian ...
Ros-Lehtinen: Obama wrong to give 'blank check' to PAJerusalem Post

Two States, No Solutions - by James TraubForeign Policy
Make up your mind, Obama!Al-Arabiya
Politico (blog) -CounterPunch -Press TV
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Dec 172010

Irish Times

EDITORIAL: Around the world
Kingston Daily Freeman
The New York Times, attempting to explain the apparent contradiction between Nixon's anti-Semitic remarks and his pro-Israel behavior, ascribed it to a ...
Netanyahu is telling Obama what Golda told NixonHa'aretz

Henry Kissinger and the Jews: A few attacks, and one defenseBoston Globe (blog)

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Oct 222010

Boston Globe

President Obama Wants Arab and Israel to Continue Talks
Top News Press
Obama has stated at the UN General Assembly that Israel should prolong its suspension of new settlements and Arab world should try to normalize their ...
Obama's great betrayalYnetnews

Israelis, Palestinians eye US midterms and ask: Will Obama be freer to ...The Canadian Press
Image and Reality of Barack Obama's Israel PolicyThe Indypendent
Albany Times Union -Wall Street Journal -Jewish Telegraphic Agency
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Oct 212010

Boston Globe

Mideast Sides Mulling Alternatives To Peace Talks
... President Barack Obama last month. But the talks stalled within weeks, when Israel refused to extend a 10-month freeze on new settlement construction. ...
Pace of Israeli settlement construction four times faster than prior to freezeChristian Science Monitor

NY Times a cheerleader for unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehoodAmerican Thinker (blog)
The Palestinian TragedyNew Republic (blog)
Politico (blog) -New York Post (blog) -Vancouver Sun
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Oct 212010

Boston Globe

Plenty of blame to spread around
Jerusalem Post
The failure lies with all three principal parties: Israel, the PLO and the United States. It is at once a failure of substance and of process. ...
West Bank StoriesThe Nation.

A Paradigm ShiftHuffington Post (blog)
US: The dishonest brokerAljazeera.net
RT -American Thinker (blog) -Tripoli Post
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Oct 142010

Globe and Mail

Back to November 1947
US President Barack Obama went even further, recognizing Israel as “the historic homeland of the Jewish people.” Netanyahu is demanding a little less than ...
Give preconditions a restBoston Globe

'US Jews' approval of Obama falling steadily'Jerusalem Post
Poll: 76% of American Jews think Arabs want to destroy IsraelHa'aretz
Israel Today -FOXNews -Al-Ahram Weekly
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