Nov 232013

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was in tonight’s “Center Seat” on Special Report. He told the All Star Panel that ObamaCare isn’t fixable. The senator believes Pres…

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Apr 192013

President Barack Obama believes that if he were president 25 years ago, his economic policies would make him a moderate Republican. During an interview with …

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Nov 122012

Obama mispronouncing the word Corps is such a high crime that he should be tried and convicted because he is a Socialist, a Nazi, a dictator, the anti- Christ and whatever evil this man maybe. For the record I don’t support left or right I am an Independent that believes in a third choice instead of a two party system. However he is our President and should support him as that would be an American thing to do rather than blaming him and not being part of the solution!

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Nov 122012

I've often wondered if I'm the only individual who believes President Obama is Muslim. Because when I look at him this is what I see. I have nothing against the Muslim people, except, for ”those” who ”insist” on “forcing” their

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May 282012

(AP) – A Republican Congressional candidate says he believes President Obama was a Muslim before he became a Christian. The Chico Enterprise-Record reported Thursday that former state Sen. Sam Aanestad made the

Original post: Norcal GOP Candidate Claims Obama was Raised as a Muslim …

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May 282012

Aanestad: Obama raised as a Muslim. Former state Sen. Sam Aanestad, a candidate for the retiring Rep. Wally Herger's seat, has said twice in the past week he believes President Obama was raised as a Muslim. From the AP

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Apr 112012

When President Obama served in the Illinois state senate, he would not vote for the “born alive bill” because he was concerned that it would infringe on abortion rights. President Obama believes that aborted babies who are

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Apr 112012

What Obama really believes about abortion: *Babies are a punishment. *Partial-birth abortion is okay. *The scientific and religious viewpoints on when life begins differ.

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Feb 282012

By squeezing service members and veterans out of Tricare and into ObamaCare through significantly higher Tricare premiums, the Obama Administration believes it can pinch $1.8 billion from Tricare in fiscal 2013 and $12.9

Link: Obama to Force Military Into ObamaCare Exchanges and Slash …


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Feb 222012

Today in we are still having this conversation: Rev. Franklin Graham, the son of influential preacher Billy Graham, said he believes President Obama is a Christian, but he could actually be a Muslim, too.

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