Jan 102011

Family Security Matters

US-Wide "Call for Clemency” Pollard Campaign Launched
Arutz Sheva
Even more significantly, Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has formally asked Obama to free Pollard – after years of efforts by Pollard supporters ...
Pollard 'Call for Clemency Campaign' beginsJerusalem Post

Netanyahus plea to Obama: Release Jonathan PollardIndependent Media Review Analysis (IMRA)
Israeli PM appeals to US to free convicted spyTMCnet
Family Security Matters -Jewish Telegraphic Agency
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Jan 042011

Kansas City Star

The Middle East Channel: Why isn't Obama pressuring the Palestinians?
Foreign Policy
... leaders are openly refusing to negotiate with the government of Israel, and US President Barack Obama's administration is doing very little about it. ...
Why the Palestinians Don't Really Want a StateThe New American

Barack Obama must move ahead to final-status talks over PalestineDaily Star - Lebanon
The Long Struggle for Peace, Which Began with Carter, Starts Over in 2011Salem-News.Com
Arutz Sheva -Jewish Telegraphic Agency -AFP
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Dec 292010

Ahram Online

Obama Bypasses Recessed Senate to Appoint Ambassadors to Syria and Turkey
Filling that position has been a priority for Obama, given the diplomatic tensions over Turkey's stance on Iran and its threats to break ties with Israel. ...
Obama Appoints Robert Ford as Ambassador to SyriaArutz Sheva

Republicans denounce Obama's recess appointmentsWashington Post
Obama appoints ambassador to SyriaJewish Telegraphic Agency
Fox News
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Dec 292010

Push to release Pollard is gaining momentum
The Jewish Chronicle
In early December, Israel's Knesset speaker, Ruby Rivlin, sent a letter from the Knesset to President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder urging them to ...
Prayers for Pollard at Joseph's TombArutz Sheva

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Dec 172010

Christian Science Monitor

PA Disappointed by US, Says 'No' to Talks
Arutz Sheva
Palestinian Authority officials expressed disappointment Thursday with the Obama administration's stance on Israel-PA negotiations. ...
J Street or the HighwayJewish Times of Southern New Jersey

Provoking mayhemMiamiHerald.com

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Dec 162010

Arutz Sheva

109 MKs Sign Pleading Letter to US on Behalf of Pollard
Arutz Sheva
The latest letter to Obama and Congress states that the “State of Israel has taken full responsibility for Pollard's actions, and has apologized for them. ...

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Nov 072010


US ambassador: Midterm results won't affect US-Israel relations
He added that presidents have lost in midterms in the past, and that in the best case US President Barack Obama will have to work with Congress, ...
"The Relationship Between the US and Israel will Not Change"Arutz Sheva

US ambassador: Election results won't alter Israel tiesJerusalem Post

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Oct 212010


Ask the Rabbi: Should US Citizens in Israel Vote in USA?
Arutz Sheva
And if there is no friend of Israel in that state, then one should vote for the candidate who will best hinder Barak Obama from exerting pressure on Israel.
Barack Obama's plummeting support and US JewsJerusalem Post

Growing disenchantment among US Jews with Obama, DemocratsAFP
The Pro-Israel Lobby And AmericaThe Atlantic

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Oct 182010

PM's ignoble failure to free Pollard is Obama's obligation
Jerusalem Post
At a time when the people of Israel are being asked to believe Obama's claims about America's strong ties to Israel and of the US's special friendship with ...
New Pollard talk in Jerusalem, but will it sell in Washington?The Jewish Week (blog)

Edelstein confirms Pollard release discussions underwayJerusalem Post
Pollard's lawyers file clemency request with ObamaJerusalem Post
Jerusalem Post -Jewish Telegraphic Agency -Arutz Sheva
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Oct 172010

Edelstein confirms Pollard release discussions underway
Jerusalem Post
High-level discussions in Israel on how to get clemency in the US for Israeli agent; Knesset panel to invite US envoy to hearing on the ...
Pollard's lawyers file clemency request with ObamaJerusalem Post

Attorneys request Pollard clemencyJewish Telegraphic Agency
Pollard Lawyers Ask Obama for His Immediate ReleaseArutz Sheva

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