Apr 192013

He asked Sebelius about the system’s “Navigators”—a customer service army meant to smoothly and competently guide citizens through the process of applying for Obamacare and buying health care through exchanges.

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Apr 112012

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert Maginnis reports that the Obama Administration has been meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood is the group that has helped al Qaeda, Hamas and

Excerpt from: Isn't This Special? — Obama Officials Meet With Muslim Brotherhood

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Jan 012011

Readers back Army officer who refuses to indoctrinate soldiers
My country is a Christian nation (regardless of what Barry Soetoro says) not Sparta. Throughout ALL of our nation's history we have had an honest and ...

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Dec 142009

Trillion Tons by Jim Gossepp   

American Tea Party – Obama Lied, The Economy Died      

Video… Black Republican Association

Obama – Our Affirmative Action President

Obama’s Socialist… president caused a majority of Americans to ignore Obama’s Marxist leanings and his record… on the altar of affirmative action.

Obama’s delayed empathy” is a Boston Globe editorial that exposes Obama’s stunning cold-hearted and awkward response to the deadly shootings at the Fort Hood Army