Nov 232013

President Obama's old campaign operation rallied the troops today, warning of a pretty scary ban on abortions in the sixth month of pregnancy that voters in Albuquerque, N.M., might pass. Something pretty scary is happening?

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Aug 292012

“Many children, more than you might think, actually survive failed abortions and are born alive. I know because I'm one of them,” Ohden says in the SBA List ad. “When he was in the Illinois state Senate, Barack Obama voted

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May 282012

Unfortunately, the Media has ignored the Church's 43 law suits as well as any truth-telling when it comes to Obama. Now, it seems that the USCCB is the only source on whether Obamacare dictates taxpayer paid abortions,

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Apr 112012

How Many Times Has Obama Lied to the American People? By Ron Reale So, the man that lied when he promised not to accept public funding of his campaign; the man that lied when he said no abortions would be covered

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Apr 112012

America is the leading country in teen pregnancy and abortions. John McCain must be unaware of this, or else he'd be more willing to prevent these things. Obama seems to be more into everything, while McCain lightly

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Apr 112012

Dr. James David Manning discusses the Obama care mandates that charities and religious organizations must carry health care insurance for women who desire abortions.

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Mar 052012

But Obama wants taxpayers to pay for abortions and transgender treatments for illegal aliens who are awaiting deportation. And he means to do that via administrative rules, thereby by-passing Congress, unless Congress

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Dec 272009

what the American people want.

Obama lied and babies died…Do you know what liars do? They lie. That’s what they do.

Back in September Obama spoke to a joint session of Congress and took issue with something he said is not true, the suggestion that the health-care plan would pay for abortions. “Not true!” he said. He lied.

[ LifeNews ] Following up on the impending battle, ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper spoke with White House Press Secretary

Dec 032009


Item #2- Why are we still debating abortions in the health care bill? Obama told us abortions would not be federally funded under his health care plan .oh shit you mean Obama lied? Typical politician… reads Kill bin Laden during Obama’s speech at West Point. Maybe Obama should ask the cadet if he can… strategy.

Item #5- Obama: Fox News Channel’s friend . Fox’s numbers are up since the election of President Hopendope. Can that be one of Obama’s accomplishments