The Media That Cried Wolf

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Nov 152017
If the media are willing to lie about how Trump feeds fish in Japan, it's really hard to take the media seriously when they dig up decades-old charges right before an election.

Why We All Hate Lawyers

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Oct 272017

No sane person would condemn the president for saying they should throw the book at an admitted deserter whose actions led to other people, the real heroes, being shot.

Leftists Never Fight

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Sep 142017

Are we to be ruled by unelected judges who summon up whatever changes the "living" Constitution requires to support their left-wing ideologies, or will we be free men and women who determine our own fate?

The New Civil War

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Aug 182017
The Democratic leadership is now following Mao, who said political power grows from the barrel of a gun, while Americans are being forced to defend the core American belief that power flows from the people.