The Great Triggering

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Oct 102019
Swamp creatures sit in the dark recesses of government, quietly doing whatever they do. But when a tasty morsel floats by, they will snap at it like the ambush predators they are.

The Democrats’ Leadership Crisis

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Nov 022018
To any thoughtful observer, it is painfully clear that there are two distinct parts of the Democrat plantation: the D.C. swamp and the useful idiots in the streets. The relationship between the two is intuitively obvious but seldom exposed.

Why Do We Have Courts and Judges?

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Jul 162018
With the Democrats in full scream over the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, it's worthwhile to consider just why we have courts and judges.

What is America?

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Jul 032018

There are many things that make America different from the nations in other parts of the world.