The ‘Science’ of Islamophobia

 Saul Goldman  Comments Off on The ‘Science’ of Islamophobia
Aug 242018

Islamophobia fails to conform either to the psychiatric criteria of a phobia or to the social science definition of racism.

Israel’s New Nation-State Law

 Saul Goldman  Comments Off on Israel’s New Nation-State Law
Jul 222018

Israel's new law,reiterating in law its identity as the nation state of the Jews has been met with a firestorm of controversy.

Anti-Semitism and the Politics of Hate

 Saul Goldman  Comments Off on Anti-Semitism and the Politics of Hate
Apr 172018

Modern anti-Semitism has assumed the language and style of political philosophy, but its power is derived from long repressed articles of faith. 

Passover and the American Zion

 Commentary, Saul Goldman  Comments Off on Passover and the American Zion
Mar 292018

The Passover narrative is a political treatise on liberty and a theological reflection upon the sanctity of freedom. It’s not surprising that the Puritan settlers of Massachusetts thought of themselves as reenacting the exodus of the Hebrews from bondage in ancient Egypt.