Inventing the Political Center

 Paul Gottfried  Comments Off on Inventing the Political Center
Jan 302018

Centrism is not about occupying a vital center between two extremes, although our centrists sometimes claim they’re doing this. 

Conservatives Ignore the Obvious

 Commentary, Paul Gottfried  Comments Off on Conservatives Ignore the Obvious
Jan 062018

Rather than engage with red-hot social issues, too many Republicans try not to notice these issues, except to criticize those who won't accept "necessary" or "positive" change. 

An Empty ‘Conservative’ Victory

 Commentary, Paul Gottfried  Comments Off on An Empty ‘Conservative’ Victory
Dec 212017

Does anyone in his right mind believe that Douglas Jones will not act as Trump said he would, as a tool of Chuck Schumer and those leftist constituencies that helped put him in office?

Jonah’s Off Target Again

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Nov 162017
The N.R.'s Jonah Goldberg is a socially liberal Republican and an urbanite who doesn't fancy the working-class and rural white constituencies that voted for Trump.