New Rules for Men

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Oct 022018
In light of the new reality of constant, lifelong vulberability to unsupported accusations, new rules for men vis-à-vis the opposite sex are required. Here are some baseline suggestions.

Carrie Fisher: Goodnight, Princess

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Dec 312016
So was she the scrappy, gorgeous dame the world saw, or the frightened, unstable child she felt herself to be?  Why, both, of course.  It's precisely what made her so interesting and (dare I say) sexy.

How to Be a Liberal

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Sep 042016
Ignorance is an absolute must, but especially ignorance of three things: economics, human nature, and all of recorded history.

What Lies Beneath?

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May 162016
New scientific discoveries in astrophysics and archeology make the notion of “settled science” risible. Most of existence still is a profound mystery