The Russia Hoax As Contingency Plan

 Commentary, Mark Wauck  Comments Off on The Russia Hoax As Contingency Plan
Oct 112018
For reasons best known to themselves Ben Rhodes and Jen Psaki have decided to reveal to New York Magazine that the Russia Hoax was a key part of the Obama Administration's -- and presumably the Clinton campaign's -- contingency plan to, well, steal an election

A Guide to Spygate

 Commentary, Mark Wauck  Comments Off on A Guide to Spygate
Jun 172018
The FBI is many things to many people, but seen from the inside where I spent my career as an FBI agent, most of all it is a bureaucracy. Based on a clue from the Strzok-Page texts and my understanding of the rules the FBI has to play by, it is possible to piece together a picture of how and why surveillance of the Trump campaign probably unfolded.