Calexit: Make Our Day

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May 032017
California should take its precious Marxist-progressive race-class-gender-Gaea identity experiment to its logical conclusion.

Hillary’s Bright Shining Lies

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Oct 222016
The most effective lies in Hillary's arsenal, the ones that could get her over the top and into the White House, may be the most conventional ones hiding in plain sight.

A Critical Job for the #NEVERTRUMPers

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May 052016
Feeling a little discouraged? Demoralized? Nauseous? Trust me, I sympathize. Permit me to attempt to raise your spirits, or at least stiffen your resolve; you still have very important and not at all futile work to do.

Cruz If We Can, Trump If We Must

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Mar 182016
A Trump administration will be deeply flawed. But Hillary and her camp is AT WAR with Americans who work, pay taxes, take their faith (especially Christian) seriously.