Jan 302011

Dems & RINOs Acting Quickly to Ram Through Constitution-Killing Legislation Before Their Duplicity is Resisted

New bills destroying free speech & gun rights are pending.

OVER THE ARIZONA TRAGEDY – Send Faxes To All 535 Congressmen!

All evidence to date confirms that the alleged killer in the recent AZ mayhem is an apolitical, pot-head, psychotic loner personally obsessed with the Democrat Congresswoman he had targeted.  He had no contact or connection to conservative politics at all.  Regardless, liberal lapdog media continue to circulate false reports and “news analysis” asserting that suspect Jared Lee  Loughner acted on instigation from Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, the Tea Party and a whole litany of other Conservative provocations.

According to this meme, the shooter cracked up and killed because a year ago, Palin posted a map online with gun crosshairs marking different Congressional districts that the GOP needed to “target” for serious challenge in the 2010 general election — including Giffords’.

Never mind that electoral politics by design is “war by other means” and hence all its time-honored imagery and rhetoric is redolent of this “battlefield” reality.  Somehow these hypocritical Leftist screamers further fail to mention that the liberal rag “Daily KOS” ALSO ran a webpage with a target symbol on Gifford – for being “a bad Democrat”! Of course, KOS scrubbed this image from their website just as they were painting Palin as a murderess; but thankfully alert Constitutionalists saved screen shots before KOS could hide its duplicity.

Even more shocking, JUST DAYS BEFORE THE SHOOTING, this same bunch of yellow journalists published an article by wanna-be blogger “Boy Blue” referring to Giffords as DEAD to PROGRESSIVES for voting as one of the Anti-Pelosi 19! Yet Daily Kos and their Marxist cohorts have the unbelievable dishonesty to claim virtue and tolerance by their Left versus “extremist” standards of language, incitement, and violence by the Right — accusing law-abiding, freedom loving Conservatives of virtually, or literally, pulling Jared Loughner’s trigger.

Did the Daily KOS or Boy Blue actually want Giffords dead?  Of course not, and neither did Sarah Palin.  To claim otherwise is shameful.  But to legislate otherwise?  That, my friends, is downright criminal.

But the Marxists in our Capitol have been itching for any excuse to wield the death blow to our Constitution — so any opportunity of “crisis” (no matter how manufactured) to strike against freedom of speech, and they will shamelessly seize and exaggerate it!  They believe the deranged Loughner has given them their long awaited “crisis” to manipulate, even at the expense of vulgar exploitation of authentic personal and national tragedy.  Democrats and RINOs are literally tripping over each other to see who can craft the best freedom muzzling legislation to silence their Conservative opposition – We, The People.

TO ATTACK THE CONSTITUTION – Send Faxes To All 535 Congressmen!

One proposal for speech restrictions designed to limit political rhetoric has been advocated by no less than the notorious liar and Tea Party defamer (who falsely claimed he heard a “chorus” of Tea Partiers use the “N-word” during the ObamaCare protests at the Capitol — a charge he later recanted)  Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO).  Cleaver says: “We are in a dark place in this country right now; the atmospheric condition is toxic. Much of it originates here in Washington D.C., and we export it around the country.”  This statement is actually true of Cleaver’s rhetoric and logic, but is NOT grounds for laws to restrict free speech.

And Rep. Robert Brady (D-PA) has announced plans to introduce legislation to make it a federal crime to use language or symbols that could be perceived as threatening to a federal official.

But that isn’t all.

Even occasionally-sensible Republicans revert to instantly shameful, gun-grabbing RINO reactionary behavior like calling for more failed gun control laws, or a security detail for every Member of Congress. Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Pete King (R-NY) is crafting legislation to make it illegal to carry a gun within 1,000 feet of certain federal officials, including (especially) Members of Congress.
So much for the Second Amendment.

REACTING TO THE AZ TRAGEDY – Send Faxes To All 535 Congressmen!

Thankfully, not everyone in Congress is panicking.  Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY), a former FBI Special Agent and combat Marine, sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) Tuesday night recommending personal security training for all Congressional Members and top staff.  Grimm wrote forcefully counseling against knee-jerk legislation in the aftermath of the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ).

On Wednesday after the shooting, the House of Representative passed a Sense of the Congress Resolution which stated in part that the Congress, “reaffirms the bedrock principle of American democracy and representative government, which is memorialized in the First Amendment of the Constitution and which Representative Gabrielle Giffords herself read in the Hall of the House of Representatives on January 6, 2011, of ‘the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances’; and “stands firm in its belief in a democracy in which all can participate and in which intimidation and threats of violence cannot silence the voices of any American.”

NOW is the time to hold them to their Resolution — Tell Congress NO Gun-Grabbing, NO Free Speech Stifling Legislation in the wake of the Arizona shootings! JUST SAY NO TO BAD LEGISLATION!

Enough is enough. We as free citizens need to mourn the tragic loss of life, and as a nation of laws seek justice from the only person responsible — the apparently insane young man who committed these violent and senseless crimes.  We must act NOW to demand the Socialist-Democrats and their bi-partisan Constitution-killing Comrades STOP their shameless and vulgar exploitation of this terrible episode, treat the victims with dignity and our Constitution with respect, and stop falsely defaming law abiding Americans, Tea Partiers, conservatives, and gun owners.

REACTING TO THE AZ TRAGEDY – Send Faxes To All 535 Congressmen!

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