Can You Hear It?

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Jan 012017
Having slain the personal for the sake of the political, the left has wrung the charm from life by reviling the precious and common virtues that once moved good men to good deeds. 

What Is Truth?

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Dec 202016
Having been embarrassed by the nests of cockroaches that Jill Stein’s recount uncovered, Dem operatives have scurried into more promising trashcans.

The Theory of Nothing

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Aug 272016
Even if one is a skeptic or unbeliever, one is still the beneficiary of the common grace that has uplifted and informed the very society that seeks to disown its venerable heritage. 

Exits and Advents

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Aug 202016
It is at the crossroads of death that not only our theoretical, but our existential religious convictions are put to the test.