Europe: Death by a Thousand Cuts

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Mar 272017
Although the nations of Europe receive cut after Islamist cut, most of the leaders of those nations, as well as the leaders of the European Union, still will not acknowledge that Europe is being bled to death.

Baby Skins for Sale: $325

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Dec 272016
It is past time that Planned Parenthood, a dealer in death and the sale of human body parts – including the sale of baby skins – was put out of business.

Jimmy Carter’s Anti-Semitism

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Dec 012016

Carter's love for brutal despotism does not end with his affection for Castro, but extends to leaders who wish to exterminate Israel and the Jews.

A Requiem for Feminism

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Sep 302016
Transgenderism is fatal to feminism, which has relied on the binary distinction of humanity in order to foster the idea of equality between the sexes.