The Leftist Herd

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Nov 142017

Progressives live on a kind of moral roulette wheel, ready to conform to whatever emotional imperative the ball happens to land on next. 

Deleting History

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Sep 012017

What the West is experiencing now is little different from China's Cultural Revolution of the 1960s: mobs of emotionally enflamed young people encouraged by their socialist elders to tear the culture down. 

What Is ‘Freedom of Religion’?

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Aug 072017
The popular notion that the freedom of religion guaranteed by the Constitution is the free exercise of any religion whatsoever is not the creation of our colonial forefathers.

A Cause for War?

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Jun 062017
War, the last resort of desperate people when all political and legal remedies have failed, waits only for a triggering event. 

Watching the Snowflakes Melt

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Nov 222016
When you breed a couple of generations who don’t believe in the traditional standards of morality and logic, you can keep them fired up with new and contradictory illusions indefinitely if you just have the right street cred.

Hate Is Love

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Aug 042016
What appears to be insanity is actually just the playing out of a deliberate strategy – the undermining of cultural norms by making today’s feelings more important than yesterday’s reason or tomorrow’s safety.