The Divine Frenzy of Feminism

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Apr 032018
In demanding obeisance to temperamental fury at the expense of the principle of order, feminists and their allies have unleashed a storm of discontent, resentment, misrule, and social turmoil.

A Brief History of the Fake News Media

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Jan 312018

For far too long, I was convinced that the media were, on the whole, reliable purveyors of the news. For nearly three years I freelanced happily at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Disabilities R Us

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Jan 222018

Academia has expanded the definition of "disabled" to include any and every invented student excuse.  The result is chaos.

Why I Quit Teaching

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Dec 182017

It wasn't just the liberal groupthink or the mob mentality among the teachers.  There was a worse reason on top of those.