Law, Justice, and God: An Awkward Fit

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Jun 152019
The restoration of moral conviction and cultural stability is dependent on belief in a higher Power, but such belief cannot be imposed by political fiat or generated artificially.

Feminism in the Schools

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Sep 252018

At every level of the education ecosystem, thanks in large measure to the viral influence of feminism, it is obvious that students are not being prepared for life in the real world of basic knowledge, work, and relationships.

Toxic Feminism

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Sep 132018
With its reliance on false assumptions, phony statistics, affective resentment, and glib verbosity, feminism is the most potent carcinogen attacking both the body social and the health of the education system.

A is for Activist?

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Aug 232018

Trained to follow a leftist curricular agenda, a majority of K-12 teachers are set on molding the social justice warriors, anti-free market revolutionaries, radical environmentalists, global warmists, and feminist Furies of the future.