Getting Home Again

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Feb 232018

"Making American Great Again" is just another way of saying "Getting Home Again."  We can do it if we live right.

Stuck on Stupid

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Feb 122018
Ask an Obama supporter for three things he accomplished in his life that would make him a qualified and good president of the most powerful nation on earth.

Trump’s Momentous First Year

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Dec 272017

We've seen his presidency for the better part of a year.  We can now say emphatically that this is the most effective first year of any president in our lifetime, perhaps in a century. 

A Time for War

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Nov 242017
It's here.  Now.  Thankfully, this is not yet the blood in the streets kind of war, but war it is.  The party that is supposed to lead us doesn't even know we're in a war.  So here we are, and thankfully, with a few aces up our sleeves.