Killing One Another

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Aug 092019

The terrible goal of the Jacobin media and the political eltes is to tear us further apart and incite us all to further acts of violence. 

The War on Christmas

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Dec 242018
Christmas is a staggering counter-symbol against the powerful and elite who have so consistently ruled humanity with barbaric ruthlessness.  

Mis-Underestimating Bush

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Dec 082018
The day of mourning for President H.W. Bush provided a brilliant moment to outshine the the liberal media's nonsense.

The Jesus Fallacy

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Jun 162018
Liberals are invoking Christ to cast aspersions against Donald Trump's immigration policy. That's not how this works.

Two Saturdays in April 2018

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May 012018

Until the nation embraces and returns to the grace embodied by a fine first lady, we will find ourselves more deeply embittered and divided than ever.