Love of Music

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Jul 112019
Love of music remains largely unfulfilled where the opportunity or desire to explore its breathless domain is absent. What we hear routinely in supermarkets and in waiting rooms is a poor sample of what music is about. 

The Marxist ‘Liberation’ Hoax

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Jun 072019
For at least a hundred years, Marxists and secular humanists have been redoing society and “making the world better” in ways that would never have worked had their scheming been known to the general public.

An Unheralded Prophet

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Mar 162019

Whoever does not see the before and after, the cause and effect, of moral free governance in America is either too young to be aware of what has been done to his country or has been brainwashed by media to accept a false reality.

Progress Is Not Enough

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Dec 232018

A major risk in any effort to advance progress, however defined, is not adequately considering the possible adverse consequences to the people it will affect.