Angela Merkel’s Coming Demise

 Alex Alexiev  Comments Off on Angela Merkel’s Coming Demise
Nov 252017

There is overwhelming evidence that Merkel's policies have been neither very successful nor marked with a great deal of "democracy, freedom, respect for the rule of law, and human dignity."

A Game-Changer in the House of Saud?

 Alex Alexiev, Commentary  Comments Off on A Game-Changer in the House of Saud?
Nov 172017

The media are babbling about a host of inconsequential things surrounding the purge of Saudi Arabia's princelings.  Few have put their finger on the actual events and how they may reshape the Mideast.

Russia in Decline

 Alex Alexiev, Commentary  Comments Off on Russia in Decline
Nov 012016
Russia has entered a period of prolonged decline that will take many years to reverse even if it could be stopped soon, which is unlikely.