Apr 282015

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SOT, Barack Obama, President of the United States (English): “Undocumented workers who broke our immigration laws should be held account. There’s a particular category, and that’s those who may be dangerous, it’s a small minority but it’s a significant one. And that’s why over the six recent years deportations of criminals are up 80 percent. And we’ll keep focusing our limited enforcement resources on those who actually pose a threat to our security. Felons not families. Gangs, not some mum and dad who are working hard, just trying to make a better life for their kids. But even…”

Heckler (English): “Sorry, Mr President but that has been a lie. You have been deporting families.”

Heckler (English): “Not one more, stop deportations.”


US President Barack Obama was interrupted by at least four women during a speech about his administration’s immigration policy in Chicago, Tuesday.

Speaking at a predominantly Polish community centre, Obama was talking about his decision to relieve deportation laws for millions of undocumented immigrants at Chicago’s Copernicus Centre. When he tried to explain why deportation rates of ‘criminals, not families’ rose up to 80 percent, the president was interrupted.
“Sorry, Mr president but that has been a lie. You have deported families,” one woman shouted, with another chanting “Not one more, stop deportations!”. Obama tried to calm down the hecklers, as they continued yelling.

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