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Lou Dobbs is getting a lot of flak from the “left wing media” because he wants President Obama to present an authentic birth certificate, even though he believes he’s a citizen. And who better to debate this with than Ronald Martin, and Ted Poe, a Republican Congressman who sides with Dobbs, who says of the proof that’s currently available: “It is a document that says there is another document.” Roland Martin starts yelling that it’s “silly” and asks the Congressman, “Are you losing sleep over this?” Dobbs then tells Martin to stop yelling, because “the Congressan might take [your] remarks a different way.” Wow!

  25 Responses to “Dobbs Tells Roland Martin To Pipe Down During Obama Birth Debate”

  1. bias Black guy: didnt see his ass Contesting the Tried and tested Dick Bush

  2. wow .. the ending was a spell out/…. Um DONT WORRY BLACK GUY.. CNN is bought off. 6 16 years in the Country… does tht when the Wettbacks down the steet can be President???

  3. Im a black man. But what’s the problem with the most powerful man in the world producing a birth certificate, and just shut everyone up. Not sure why Roland is getting so excited. Its a legitimate request, regardless if he thinks how minute it maybe. Please do not use the argument that the Pres has more important things. If the Pres can find some time to shoot hoops then he can find time for this “minute” request.

  4. Why is Dobbs demanding proof of something he says already believes is true?

  5. @lionjklwlf

    Because he already produced a birth certificate. Its not Obama’s fault that people don’t understand that.


    He just wants to get to the bottom of it. He’s a reporter. He does not understand why The President cannot come out and say what the real story is. He’s not demanding anything. He just want’s to see the real document so the speculation will stop. By not addressing the issue, I think it makes it look like Obama is not a real citizen.

  7. @frankothemountain The real story has already been told. The President was born in Hawaii and proved it.

  8. @lionjklwlf The problem is the 42 white men who preceded Obama as the most powerful man in the world were not asked to produce their birth certificate. Why a separate standard for Obama? “brother”?

    I was answering your question above that you were asking about Lou Dobbs.
    There was all sorts of conflicting evidence, including a sworn statement from his Step-Grandmother that he was born in Kenya, 2 different hospitals listed in the 1961 Hawaiian newspapers, and such. Many stories have been told. Many lies have also been told. You can’t believe everything you hear. Illegal immigrants can easily get fake ID.

  10. @LITEBRITE65
    Don’t you think people can be bought off? Don’t you think it is possible that he was born in Kenya? Dobbs was just looking for better proof.
    Should not be a big deal. Forged documents happen all of the time. It is a possibility. God forbid anyone questions anything about Obama…..

  11. @frankothemountain There is no sworn statement from the grandmother. This is a birther myth. Please tell me where I can view this “sworn and signed statement” you cant because it does not exist. Both hospitals are in Hawaii though right?

  12. @frankothemountain Sure people can be bought off. The problem is asserting that someone “COULD” have done something in theory, and providing actual proof that someone DID do something in fact is two very different things. Nobody in the birther movement has PROVEN that anyone was bribed,

  13. @LITEBRITE65
    You have a point there! There seems to be a double standard, but we will not know for sure until someone whose birthplace is in doubt like McCain had become President.

  14. I was going with Liddy, since his reputation for information collection is pretty good.
    (Don’t you think?) Yes both Hawaii, but the “error” just adds to the debacle. Listen, I can tell you are a big fan of Obama, but I am not for a lot more reasons than his questionable citizenship. Nothing I can say will sit OK with you. The one thing this President has done, is to make it very clear who is a Liberal, and who is not.

  15. @LITEBRITE65

    I am not Lou Dobbs, and I did not start this whole problem. I guess you just think it’s a smear campaign that people want to see the original. If the original was there, nobody would be discussing this.

  16. @lionjklwlf McCain’s birthplace was never really in doubt. He has always said he was born in the Panama Canal Zone. Birthers like to mention McCain as away to deflect away from real issue in this movement which is racism.

  17. @frankothemountain Liddy is a convicted felon. Did you know that? How is he credible?

  18. @frankothemountain The state of Hawaii says it destroyed the original when it changed its records to electronic a decade ago.

  19. This CHARLATAN ” LOW ” Dobbs is a promoter of HATE in AMERICA against Immigrants. Ironically, her family is Mexican: wife and 2 daugthers. He was BOOTED from CNN and he was boycotted for 200 business in CNN.
    But the HATE PAYS in USA, AMERICA, , then, it’s a very good BUSINESS for Him.
    Look the Tancredo, Palin,Lambough,,etc the CNN and FOX do biggest business from Latino IMMIGRANTS.

  20. Look at the black guy getting all rowdy

  21. Somebody take this fat NIGGER out and hang him already? Jesus fuck… I can’t believe we allowed dirty NIGGERS like roland to be on national tv. This country is fucked…

  22. @lionjklwlf – The birth certificate was already produced 2 years ago.

    Birthers are slow.

  23. This ARIZONA law borned dead because the States can’t do FEDERAL LAWS and the POLICE can’t do tasks of ICE (INS) agents. The rest is only WORDINESS,verbosity, and a politic gain attemp of the Arizona Governor? with last name of beer: Jan Brewer. No more. ” low ” doobs is only a promoter of hate in AMERICA and he booted from CNN.

  24. @Kierandaboff Ya, thats really funny, haha but look at all them red necks getting furious over nothing in the tea party. and he may be getting riled up, but he’s still being reasonable and these old fucks are just trying to suggest Obama is not American

  25. @thi711

    Jesus sucks

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