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Lou Dobbs is getting a lot of flak from the “left wing media” because he wants President Obama to present an authentic birth certificate, even though he believes he’s a citizen. And who better to debate this with than Ronald Martin, and Ted Poe, a Republican Congressman who sides with Dobbs, who says of the proof that’s currently available: “It is a document that says there is another document.” Roland Martin starts yelling that it’s “silly” and asks the Congressman, “Are you losing sleep …

  25 Responses to “Dobbs Tells Roland Martin To Pipe Down During Obama Birth Debate”

  1. its a document that says a document exists. it wouldn’t for me or you when filing for some damn gov’t program… would it??

  2. a fact: documents which prove documents exist arent sufficient.

  3. it means get your ass a cert… one social security would accept…

  4. you’re wrong…

  5. … …



    thats the point…

  6. social security has accepted mine… and mine is just like Baracks…

    try doing some research in the future.

    My “Certificate of Live Birth” has been good enough to get me into little league baseball, high school, the army, and a pass port…

    A certificate of live birth is enough to qualify someone to run for president…

  7. no it isn’t. and that wasn’t the case for my friend… they didn’t accept his………. and that’s not what was provided… he didn’t provide a certificate of live birth… he gave a certificate saying that there’s a document.. somewhere… what you are talikng about.. what you have is a birth certificate… this is not what he showed anyone. it would not be accepted. you have a birth certificate.. obama has a certificate saying that’s threre’s one that exists… no birth certificate… at all.

  8. yours isn’t what he has… why doesn’t he show it??

  9. He did… Yes mine is the exact same as his, Cert of Live Birth, no doctor’s name… No hospital name. None of that is needed. My looks very similar to Obamas and I have used mine to get a passport, get into the army and many other things…

    Again, prove to me that I am not eligible to run for presidency, after you succeed at that, I will start listening to you about Obama.

  10. Obama did in fact demonstrate a Certificate of Live Birth, that is the exact same thing as I have. No I do not have a Birth Certificate… I have a Certificate of Live Birth… Just like Obama.

    Again, you and all your ilk that are going on these TV shows and refusing orders etc. are failing at facing reality.

    I have the exact same thing as what Obama showed everyone and it has been fine for proving that I am a Natural Born Citizen of the U.S. it ought to do the same for Obama.

  11. Oh and:

    ” you have a birth certificate.. ”

    Did you just seriously try to tell me what I have? Seriously?? I’m sitting here staring at it… It looks almost identical to Obamas… Exact same title: “Certification of Live Birth” there I just typed out exactly what is on it.

    Are you seriously going to tell me that you are clairvoyant and can tell what I’m looking at?

  12. that paper in front ofr you angry little lib… is not what obama produced.that is a birth certificate… anger more if you want… but that is not what obama demostrated… what he gave people is a piece of paper that says that there is a certificate on file… noone has seen a birth certificate… just a document that says one existed…. i know what you aer looking at do you? you know what you voted for?? just hush and wait for that gov’t check like the good little lib your supposed to be.

  13. where is it bitch? he did not nor has he ever… never has he shown an official birth certificate…NEVER. you and your ilk… are stupid!! refusing orders?wtf?!a certificate of live birth is the same as a birth certificate..you stupid ass..and that’s not what he has shown!!!! NEVER. i have one of those you have one..obama’s doesn’t seem to exist..but a document he has says it does..my actual birth certificate calls itself a certificate of live birth… this document obama has failed to produce

  14. Yes… He has… Do 10 seconds of research and you’ll see what he has released. If you’re standing in your house and staring at a corner yelling: “I CANT SEE IT, THEREFORE YOU HAVN’T RELEASED IT” then I cant help you.

  15. How do you know I’m liberal? Because I pay attention to reality? lol you’re a joke

    I’m actually a conservative centrist.

    How dumb do you have to be to think that you know what piece of paper I have?


    Look at that, you can do your own research to verify that the document they show has been released to be verified. The document in this video I just linked is the same type of document I have.

  16. I misclicked:


    Go there, that is the exact same type of document that I have had my entire life. it has been good enough for social security and getting a passport.

    Oh and do you know what I voted for? Because I voted for a man born in Panama. How about you?

    You’re wrong. You have lost.

    It is so typical that you sophists (you noticed I dont presume to know your political beliefs?) You cannot win the argument so you just simply try to put it in abeyance.

  17. I’ve never seen my own official birth cert. You do not need an official birth cert in order to do anything. You can use the certification for everything, including proving one’s status as a natural born citizen. Just like me and Obama. We’re both Natural Born Citizens and eligible to run for President of the United States.

  18. Who has an “original” birth paper, signed by the doctor that took them out of their mom? When WA. state issues a birth certificate, it is not the original from the day of birth. So ridiculous

  19. no. in nov. 2008 we all lost.. big time… and he has no birth certificate… i have my original copy… issued by my state… why doesn’t pres. christ? and don’t used big words you dont understand…..

  20. a centrist?? HA……………. CONSERVATIVE??? my ass. that document isn’t real.. and niether is he. you all are jokes….

  21. and who cares if he did or didn’t… you don’t need that to prove he breaks the constitution……. he does it by his very presence in the white house… every order he’s given… every decision he’s made… breaks our laws… do your ‘research’ and you’ll see hayseed…… god help you.

  22. i have mine… my mother has the official… in WA… things must be different.. i can’t explain it… it’s the fucking state’s issue… that doesn’t mean anything. besides… we’ll get him on something else….. like illeagal use of exec. powers.

  23. no you’re not.. you can’t run.. you are not old enough.

  24. a citizen born in panama is in most cases a citizen… actually im pretty sure you are considered a citizen if born there to a certain point… though i think you don’t pay all the taxes we here do… it was an american territory…

  25. @Urbania05

    You are a liar if you claim you have any “original” birth documents. No one has those. No state3 in the country issues the original document, only certified copies. And it’s the certification that counts. It means it is backed up by the full faith and authority of the issuing agency. Short form vs long form is a typical birfoon bit of BS. If it’s an official state certified document then it’s good.

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