Apr 012015

How many more allies have to be sacrificed for Obama's ego?
American Thinker
During the election, with corrupt media collusion, Obama lied that al-Qaeda was defeated. But the front pages of newspaper on September 11, 2012 showed the black flag flying over a part of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, and in Libya as well. Everything ...

Mar 312015

Timeline Puts Lie To Obama's Story About Bergdahl
Investor's Business Daily
Betrayal: The Obama regime still insists that releasing the top command of our enemy was all about saving Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. But several reports from 2012 reveal that it was secretly negotiating the Taliban Five's release without Bergdahl. Now that ...

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Mar 312015

Asbury Park Press

LETTER: Obama has locked Congress out of 'cockpit'
Asbury Park Press
President Obama has “locked the people and Congress out of the cockpit” of the vehicle that runs our country, and has been sending us right into the side of a mountain when Obama lies to us, hires his enablers like Attorney General Eric Holder, issues ...

Mar 312015


Obama's Next Move May Be Lifting U.S. Protection of Israel at UN
Obama, though, has left no doubt that he's considering whether to bend the U.S. policy of vetoing UN resolutions that Israel opposes and, in the process, punish Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for pledging that he will ensure that no ...
Obama Toys With Cutting Israel Adrift in the Security CouncilAlgemeiner
4 senators urge Obama not to impose peace conditions on IsraelJewish Telegraphic Agency
Israels Drive Toward Self-DestructionPolitico
Charleston Post Courier
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Mar 312015


Obama wants to turn America against Israel
American Thinker
... the many anti-Israel tropes) “Audacity of Hope,” for the title of one of his books; and despite approvingly quoting Wright's “white man's greed runs a world in need” in the same book. (A sampling of Wright's anti-Israel hits be found in Barack ...
Jewish Leaders Are Turning Against Obama on IsraelAlgemeiner
Obama and Black-Jewish RelationsWall Street Journal
Yes, I'll say it: Obama is anti-SemiticWND.com
Jewish Telegraphic Agency -Charisma News -Breitbart News
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Mar 312015

The Independent
Israel should kidnap Barack Obama and put him on trial like a Nazi, Ukip
The Independent
“Once Obama is out of office, the Israelis should move to extradite the bastard or 'do an Eichmann' on him, and lock him up for leaking state secrets. After all what's sauce for the Pollard goose is sauce for the Obama gander, don't you think?” Mr Zeid
UKIP election candidate quits after claiming Israel should 'kidnap Obama'Jewish Chronicle
Ukip's Jeremy Zeid Says Israel Should Kidnap Obama And Put Him On Trial Like Huffington Post UK

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Mar 312015

Jerusalem Post Israel News
Jewish Democrats call on Obama to cool rhetoric against Netanyahu
Jerusalem Post Israel News
The House members told Rhodes that they are as upset as the Obama administration about remarks Netanyahu made in the hours before Israelis went to the polls earlier this month in which he ruled out the creation of a Palestinian state, but that Obama …
Hateful Obama rhetoric against Netanyahu making Jewish lawmakers GOPUSA
Hawks face big obstacle on defense spending: President ObamaPolitico

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Mar 302015

National Review Online

Obama's Coming Break with Israel
National Review Online
First, let me just say that I hope Jackson Diehl of the Washington Post is wrong and that President Obama has no intention of making a dramatic break with Israel in the coming months. But alas, the story he tells is very convincing. According to Diehl ...
Obama revealing Israel's nuke secrets, making concessions to nuclear IranOneNewsNow
Bipartisan letter to Obama: Stop threatening IsraelWashington Post (blog)
The Rumor About Obama and IsraelRushLimbaugh.com
Fox News (blog) -Haaretz -Algemeiner
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